Saturday, July 18, 2009


I sat there. Just sat there gazing through the window pane. Then I noticed him through an open window as he climbed slowly and steadily up a big tree trunk. His red head bobbed as he went along, bobbing up and down as he pecked. Occasionally he would pause as if to survey the lie of the land - the portion of tree bark he was working. Working, he was, yet some might say he was destroying. Yes, he was destroying the tree, attacking it and creating holes in the beautiful old pine trunk. He, on the other hand, must think that he was simply carving out a haven for himself ... taking refuge in an old tree.

I wrote this piece the other day. Posting it on my blog now makes me feel like I need to carve out a safe haven for myself in this topsy turvy world of mine. I long for a physical place of refuge. However, deep down inside me I know that God is my safe haven; my place of refuge; my rock and sure foundation. I pray that He keep us all safe, and hide us in His most secret place where we can rest as peace and love flow upon us without ceasing. Have a blessed weekend!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Hello Readers,

I sincerely apologise for my infrequent blog posts lately, and I truly appreciate your still visiting my blog. A lot of things have been going on in my personal life that made me quite weary, yet God gives me strength to go on. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When you stumble, hold on lest you fall. But if life manages to knock you down, pick yourself back up and keep on going. It 'aint over until God says it's over. Have a blessed and restful weekend!

Here's a piece I found among some old notes of mine from last year [raw unedited version] ...

My eyes begin to cry
Why cry?
Slowly the glands open their dams and the rivers of tears unleash
As the eyelids flutter and the yawns begin their rhythm
Faster now, yet faster, one yawn becomes another and the eyes feverishly fight to close
The mind still alert yet slowed far below operational levels
The adrenaline kicks in and she goes into panic mode
Oh yeah, I am so sleepy
Oh no, tiredness has set in and now who knows?
Shall the mind still be able to control her thoughts ... her words
REM will take the final frontier
Easy now, watch what you say
Answer no more questions lest the truth of your heart be known to the stranger far across the seas
Indeed, REM - the last frontier - I concur
In the ubiquity of slumber she shall rest
Drifting off as he appears in her dreams.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Appointment With Death

I traveled up to NC for a funeral last Friday. The minister reminded us that death is the one appointment that we will not be late for or forget to show up at. He called it a divine appointment. An appointment with death. Old, young, rich or poor; when death comes knocking there is no where to run to and no where to hide. The bible says that it is appointed once for man to die. A time to be born and a time to die. I ponder these things. The mystery of life. I wonder ...

A country lane
A fish pond
An old man and woman
Married fifty years

A funeral
The procession
Brave faces and tears
An appointment with death

Great grans
Hustle and bustle
Families gather for comfort

Soul food
Sausage and grits
Hash browns and ham
Home cooked cuisine

What might have been
No warning sign
No hint of tomorrow

Darkened face
Still as stone
No memory left
So much left undone

Fresh dew upon the earth
The early morning sunrise

Ours to go on
I return to my world
Until the last breath is done

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jack & Jill - Jael

Hello again readers, this is a continuation of an earlier piece titled Jack & Jill - The Move. This time it is narrated by Jill.

The US Airways flight 415 touched down in Phoenix at exactly six thirty-nine in the evening. The temperature was 75 F and the time on the huge digital clock mounted in the baggage claim lounge read 19:20. I located a trolley and moved to position myself near the origin of the conveyer belt. This airport is so ultramodern. On my way to get my bags I had passed the WELCOME TO PHOENIX sign overhead and a beautiful large eagle crest etched into the flooring, enclosed within a circle meant to be a compass pointing out North, South, East and West. It looked real nice. There are lots of other cool digital displays and the signs had enabled me to navigate the airport easily. Lots of new construction had been undertaken over the last few years and I contemplated checking out the new car rental terminal. A lovely older gentleman who'd sat next to me on the plane had told me about it; the biggest of its kind in Arizona (and maybe in the whole country). He had said it was close by and I needed a car anyway to get to Avondale which was less than a half hour away. Spying some neat shops, I realized that I had eaten very little all day. I walked over to one and bought a snack- a packaged tuna sandwich and a bottle of vitamin water. It would do for the moment. As I got back to the conveyer belt, I noticed my bags had been pulled off to the side. Without a thought as to why, I loaded my trolley and moved toward the seats to gather myself and eat.

Jael, honey, I've missed you. I nearly jumped out of my skin and my water was knocked off its precarious perch on my suitcase. Jack quickly reached for it and spared my denim skirt from getting as soaked as it might have been otherwise. Hi. What on earth are you doing here? I thought you were having a late meeting out of town? Jack embraced me in a tight bear hug and kissed my face. You look gorgeous and that silk green blouse is perfect on you. The colour makes your eyes sparkle. Sandwich still in hand, I managed to hug him back with my one free hand. He looked good too. He had on a striped mauve and white jumper over a pair of new blue jeans. He looked like a magazine model and I often wondered why he had never considered modeling. He was smiling and right then I felt in my spirit that all my fears were unfounded. He was a good man. This was a good decision. I loved him. I excused myself from the meeting to surprise you, Jack finally answered. You sure did, you scared the daylights out of me, I retorted; you'd have missed me if I hadn't decided to eat before heading over to the car rental. He chuckled and got my things together. I hope you don't mind eating and walking at the same time? he asked politely. Not at all, I replied. His arm around my shoulders, the other pushing the trolley, we made for the nearest exit. By now it was almost eight thirty-five and I was pleasantly exhausted.

We arrived at Jack's home in Avondale just after nine. The house was gorgeous and I bet he used an interior decorator. You like?, he had one eyebrow raised and his dimples became more prominent. I love it, I said dramatically. This was an absolutely gorgeous single family home with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. It was a duplex, had a double garage and lots of space all around. All this for the unbeatable price of $50000, thanks to foreclosure. There was a huge tree at the front of the house, so close that one could actually climb it to enter one of the rooms on the top floor. The building was cream coloured with a soft pink hue.
Jack took me on a quick tour of the house. I could tell that he was also tired. Built in the 1980s, the entire interior had been further modernized. I admired the huge French windows in the living room that opened out on a small quaint veranda. The white wicker furniture with plush cushions were perfect here. The big kitchen window gave the most amazing view ... like a picture frame. Jack said that in the daytime one could see the park against a background of the mountain peaks. I saw the window seat in the dining area and decided that that would be my reading spot. It must have been awful for the previous owners to give it up. Jack went downstairs to heat up dinner while I took a shower and changed. Feeling so refreshed I joined him in the living room.

He had set up our meal in front of the television. Soft rock music played in the background and huge candles in the corner of the room had been lit. I was asked to have a seat while he brought out a bottle of vin blanc. Taking his seat opposite me, he said the grace and we began to eat. Jack was a great cook. He had spent a year working in Paris as a chef's apprentice, either after high school or after college. While he was expert at cooking and creating hotel-style cuisines, I stuck to perfecting my skills with home-cooked meals. We ate and talked. Hours later we called it a night and turned in. My first night in my new home with Jack. This was the beginning of our life together. Still, the anxieties remained and I was not sure why. However, somewhere in the back of my head I think I knew the answer and was simply afraid to admit it. Ah, all in God's time. I would try not to worry. Already I could hear Jack's even breathing which meant that he was fast asleep. I let my mind drift to thoughts of the future and the trip to Montgomery to see my host family- that was going to be fun because Missy and Carla would meet me there. Then I thought of all the things I needed to do the next day, making a mental list that seemed to grow longer and longer ... call grandpa and Missy; search for flights to Alabama; call Mr. Jameson to check on the status of my shipment; prepare for grad school and find out if Missy would also be at La Jolla; I certainly had enough to occupy my mind these first few days. All would be well.