Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hello everyone,

I have missed you all, my readers, cyber friends & visitors to my blog. Today is a beautiful Sunday afternoon and this post comes to you live from the Democratic Republic of Congo...

Yes, I am still here in DRC. Since my posts: Bits N Bobs (Nov 15, 2009), A Blur (Nov 22, 2009) and Aloha (Sept 8, 2009), so much has happened. I am so thankful to God for His protection and provision. He has sustained me since my arrival in this country. In Bits N Bobs I wrote, "So, I wait for my miracle ... a small apartment close by work with somewhat regular electricity." Now guess what God did? He found me a lovely apartment at a hotel; it is a 5-minute walk from my office; affordable because it is 2-bedrooms and so I share with another lady; regular power; and internet as well. That is nothing short of a miracle. I also wrote, "there are so many pedestrians and motorcycles and bicycles on these predominantly tiny, narrow, hilly roads that I can't imagine adding my four-wheeler to that mix. Oh Lord, I pray for courage." God gave me the courage and now I drive easily and fearlessly about town. Once I scratched my car on the hotel gate, but no accidents by His grace. Finally, "French, or was it Lingala ... maybe Swahili. I was too busy ... that I missed what language he was speaking." Ah, now my French is much improved. I have patients congratulating me on my language skills because I can consult them without needing a nurse to assist with translation. I have come a long way. I can even understand basic Kiswahili now, and will continue my daily classes until I get proficient. I have no plans to tackle Lingala anytime soon (smile). I am content to be able to identify that one is speaking Lingala.

Since my photos in Aloha, my dog Sailor ran away while I was here. Sasha is doing well with her 5 puppies born on Easter day. My husband is well and we are making more effort at regular transatlantic communication. We constantly battle the networks, time difference, internet access, etc. and finally I had to surrender all to God lest I lose my sanity. The insight I gained is this: one has to make effort to stay connected. We must choose to stay connected and not take it for granted when we are in organized society.

My siblings are well, in spite of their individual struggles. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and I so rest my concerns and cares upon the Lord who shall settle them in His time. Meanwhile, we must continue to learn godly patience. My parents are doing well in spite of bad news about kidnappings and armed robberies that seem to have escalated in our home state in southern Nigeria [info below]. I am happy that my parents relocated back in 2007, but all our extended family remain there. One relative was kidnapped & later released unharmed. One uncle left the village with his family (out of fear). A family friend can't go to work (out of fear). You just can't up and walk around town in broad daylight - all the citizens of the area are in fear. They even attacked and killed some law enforcement guys who were sent to protect the area. Please pray for South Eastern Nigeria - thank you.

Ah, yes, the world cup. I do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, disability, etc. I am simply rooting for West Africa to carry the cup. We got four chances to take the cup home (to West Africa), and six to at least keep the cup in Africa... just for once - please Lord (smile). South Africa, well done - a great start (& you too Mexico). Nigeria put on a good show, although it took an early goal against them to restore their confidence (& not bad Argentina). Korea had one excellent goal against Greece... did you see it? It was just a perfect shot. The US did a good job (England, what's up?). Now, I prepare for the Ghanaians... (Serbia, watch out).

Okay, enough said. I am happy. I am grateful for every good thing in my life thus far. I am grateful for every bad situation that I have overcome and learned from and promised will never repeat itself. I wish you all the very best that June has to offer. Check out the South African games until July. Have a good summer. I am looking forward to a much needed vacation in a couple of months. Fall, I think, is my favourite time of year. Another time I shall share with you why. Until my next post comes out, stay safe & happy wherever you are.Blessings,

*Me & my husband's bike in front of our home - I was home for 3 weeks at Easter.
A friend's parrot - DRC 2010
The moon - taken from my hotel apartment terrace, DRC 2010
A co-worker's ram - DRC 2010

Info on South Eastern Nigeria:Government to attack kidnappers' camps
Various criminal gangs in several southeastern states, especially in Abia State, are operating seemingly unchallenged by policemen deployed to the states. ...

Recently, the governor of Abia State, Theodore Orji told a stunned crowd in Lagos that the state government was in the know about the identities of the ...